FIFA Woman's World Cup Canada 2015™
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Group A

Match #Date/Time
GroupHome / Away VenueBroadcaster
0106-06 18:00A CAN 1-0 CHN     EdmontonFox Sports 1
0206-06 21:00A NZL 0-1 NED     EdmontonFox Sports 2
1306-11 19:00A CAN 0-0 NZL     EdmontonFox Sports 1
1406-11 19:30A CHN 1-0 NED     EdmontonFox Sports 2
2506-15 19:30A NED 1-1 CAN     MontrealFox Sports 1
2606-15 19:30A CHN 2-2 NZL     WinnipegFox Sports 2
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CAN 1A CAN Canada5 
NED 2A NED Netherland4
CHN 3A CHN China3
NZL NZL New Zealand1

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