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UPOC originally stood for "Universal Point Of Contact", but is now just another "Internet Word". The numbers 8762 on a telephone dial have the letters UPOC, making it useful as a "short code" for text messaging. Send "join launchholds" to 8762 to join the Launch Holds & Scrubs communitty for updates on rocket launches.

1 UPOC - Launch Holds & Scrubs group Sign up for Launch Status reports as text messages. A free service, but your carrier's text message and/or data rates will apply. +
    9 Unsubscribe from LaunchHolds
2 UPOC - Ozzie's personal profile
3 UPOC Commands Main Site answer
4 UPOC Features
5 "Textiquette", the etiquette of text messaging.
6 How to "PM" (Personal Message)
7 The UPOC.COM FAQ List answering Frequently Asked Questions about UPOC
        Includes How to close your UPOC Account.
8 Ozzie's comments on UPOC for Newbies.

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We at PHone PHriendly prefer UPOC to Facebook or Twitter, because each "text message community" has it's own "phone number" to Reply to. Admittedly, UPOC is "in bed" with the major mobile carriers to have all these numbers available. This helps the carriers boost text messaging traffic, and therefore sell their text message packages. Facebook, Twitter and MySpace make it difficult to know what's a group, and who's an individual. UPOC lets you send to groups, and seperately to individuals.

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