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Tips On Using Modern Mobile PHones

In helping friends use their Mobile Phones, I find common trends in what people don't know. I'll try to address these problems here. If I haven't covered what you "Need To Know", then e-mail me a question and ask. Give me a couple of days to reply, and don't be surprised if your answer winds up on this page.

The "Menu" button is your new BFF (Best Friend Forever).
    On modern mobile phones, the "Menu" button gives you choices of things you can do based on where you are now (where you are in the Menus, that is).
    If you're in the Main Menu, the menu button will give you one set of choices. Bring up an App (application) and the menu button will bring up choices that are appropiate to that application.
    See if the Menu within the app has a "Help" choice. It will usually give you some Tips & Tricks about using the apps.

How do I "Delete" a contact?
    You've heard of "Butt Dialing"? It's where you dial someone in your contact list while the phone is in your back pocket. The phone's buttons were accidentally pushed and placed a call. Well, it could be catastrophic if you accidentally deleted people in your contact list that way, so mobile phone programmers have put the "Delete" function down two or three levels of menus before you can actually Delete a contact.

I'm going overseas. How can I program my phone numbers to call home?
    In front of the Area Code of each phone number, put "+1". If your friend's number is 311-555-2368, be sure it's replaced with "+1 311-555-2368". You can leave it in your addressboook permanently, since the network will see you're already in Country Code 1 (North America), and just put through the call.
    If you have overseas correspondents you've been calling from The States, then use the "+" sign instead of "011" for the US Exit Code before their counry Code (+44 for England or +33 for France, instead of 011-44 or 011-33). When you get overseas, the "+" will grab the Exit Code needed from the network (which is "00" in Europe instead of "011"), and use it, so you never have to worry about the Country Exit Code again. See our seperate page for more more info.


Visiting this page from your phone? Press the digit of the menu choice on your phone dial, and it will choose that menu item.

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