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FlavorVote M&Ms Sweepstakes 2019-05-17 (PDF)
Oreo WG Sweepstakes 2019-03-06 (PDF)
🚗 2019-02-28
2019-05-31 (HTML)
🏎 The Smithfield “Fuel Up Your Family” Promotion
2019-11-24 (HTML)
OREO Stuf Inside Circle K Sweepstakes 2019-03-02 (HTML)
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Heineken.Com/soccerRules (PDF)
throw for $1 million on the Road to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2017-12-20 (PDF)
Tostinos X-Box Sweepstakes 2018-04-30 (PDF)

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Riunite ‘Moment To Rock’ Instant Win Game 2019-05-01 (HTML) Not Valid
Irish to the core Sweepstakes 2019-03-31 (HTML)


Win Fortnite Prizes!
(Museum of SF)
2019-05-03 (HTML)


Coca-Cola TopGolf Instant Win Game 2019-04-19 (HTML)
FairWinds fly Away Sweepstakes 2018-04-30 (HTML)
Coca-Cola MLS All Star Game Sweepstakes 2019-06-03 (HTML)

Pepsi/Hyundai Superbowl 53 Sweepstakes 2018-02-07(PDF)
PF Chang's New Year's Sweepstakes 2018-02-14 (PDF)
2018-02-09 (PDF)
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BoomCase Sweepstakes2018-12-31 - Rules )PDF)
Coke & Amazon Sweeps 2018-02-21 (HTML)
Tomas' Tesla Sweepstakes 2018-12-31 (HTML)
Sharpie Sweeps 2019-03-30 (PDF)
LGus 40th Annaversary Sweeps 2018-10-05 (HTML)
Coke Stuff 2018-02-?? (HTML)
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Dos Equis Tic Tac Taco

2018-12-31 (HTML)


2018-09-23 (PDF)
height='32'> ☎ 1-844-926-7662 &nsp; - Rules Heineken.Com/soccerRules https://heinekenocsc.comRules BUTTERFINGER College Promotion 2018-03-31 (PDF)

Folgers® Wakin’ Up Club Warm Up The Holidays Promotion 2018-12-14 (PDF)
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Are you using your Internet Birthday on your Sweepstakes entries? You should,you know.

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At PHonePHriendly.Com, we like to enter Sweepstakes. We never use our real birthdate, but our internet birthday when asked for our Date Of Birth on a contest or sweepstakes. But when we're in a fast food restaurant where they put sweepstakes web address on our drink cup, or table tent, we like to whip out the 'ol mobile phone and fill out the Entry Form while eating.

What we hate are sweepstakes that you bring up that tell you "Get Flash®, or Get Lost". Macromedia Flash is a free download. All the sites that say "Get Flash or Get Lost" say so. And give you a link to where you can download it. Our position is, if they can tell you that, then they can put up a sweepstakes entry form that you can enter on an internet browser that can't download Flash. Like your mobile phone.

The big advertisers think everyone has at least a cable modem or DSL from the phone company, no one has Dialup any more, and everyone has a high resolution monitor. They'd be surprized how many of their customers are still on dial-up, have a simple VGA monitor, and don't want to (or can't afford to) upgrade. When web sites are "PHone PHriendly", they are friendly to all web browsers and computer platforms.

ePrize Sweepstakes Promotions, Many are Flash® enabled, and unusable on mobile phone browsers.

Become an "ePrize Insider" (it's its own sweepstakes and gets you "in" on other sweepstkes that they run).

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