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Ozzie's Interviews:

Ozzie calls out the countdown at #Space View Park, watches #spacex launch of #Dragon headed for #ISS
Air Force Space Plane Set to Launch on Super Secret Mission (Channel 9 - 2012-12-11)
Atlas V rocket launches from Cape Canaveral, Ozzie interviewed by Channel 9, Space View Park, 2015-07-22.
Rocket Launch Watchers Weigh In On Presidential Politics, Ozzie interviewed by NPR at Space View Park.
Simplicity Key for Mobile-optimized Ecommerce Sites, Ozzie quoted on mobile website design.

You Tube interviews
Robert "Ozzie" Osband at Space View Park Titusville FL during

STS-134 launch - YouTube
Robert "Ozzie" Osband at Space View Park Titusville FL of STS-135 launch - YouTube
Interview with Robert "Ozzie" Osband at Space View Park in Titusville FL, 4-29-11 - YouTube

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