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This is an internal test page for internal use only. You are a guest here. Please play nice.

The links below will dial the US Naval Observatory Master Clock (with the voice of the late Durward Kirby). Each link uses a different method of seperating digits, to test how different manufacturers respond to such things. The most universally usable method appears to be a single block of digits with no separaters.

1 US Naval Observatory, no spaces
2 US Naval Observatory, Spaces (per ITU Reccomendation)
3 US Naval Observatory, Dots (very fashionable)
4 US Naval Observatory, Dashes (very traditional in certain circles)
Durward Kirby, Gary Moore's announcer on "I've Got A Secret" back in the 1960's, has been immortalized as the voice of the US Naval Observatory Master Clock. You can get the correct time of day by calling +1 202 762 1401, which the above menu choices will do, depending on the web browser you use.
5 US Naval Observatory Master Clock., viewable on Any Browser.
6 Setting Up Your Mobile Phone for International Dialing
7 SMS: Ozzie's Mobile Phone, This one works. Send me a Text Message. - Ozzie
9 The Hotel Chelsea, testing

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0 Call Ozzie, dial 321-Liftoff on your mobile phone.
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