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PHone PHriendly™ is the home of web pages that are friendly to the web browser on your mobile phone. We also like to read eBooks on our smartphone.

1 eReader Software for reading eBooks on you mobile phone.
2 DropBook Software, used to make your own eBooks.
3 Florida Launch Schedule Information in eReader format.
4 Project Gutenberg - copyright free books in text format.
5 The Elephants of Poznan by Orson Scott Card in eReader format (PDB File).
6 Walden Henry David Thoreau" (ePub)
7 The Art Of War by Sun Tzu
8 Amazing Stories 88th Aniversary Issue
9 Canaveral Spaceport Launch Schedule from, the PHone PHriendly page for SpaceLaunchInfo.Com
0 Neuromancer
A The Hacker Crackdown, Bruce Schnier

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0 Call Ozzie, dial 321-Liftoff on your mobile phone.

Some eBook files:

Billy Boyle.epub
Asterisk@Home Handbook.htm
Asterisk@Home Handbook.pdb
macgyver.pdb - Fan Fiction
These Data Come to you
Via Oz