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Here are some Mobile Web Sites we host. They can be accessed by replacing the "x" with the corresponding letter:
Press the number on your numberpad, or tap the highlighted letter on your touchscreen.

1 D, Daddy's Racers, GoDaddy.Com motorsports fan site
2 F, World Cup Results (F is for Football)
      O-City.Mobi was recently set up for the Orlando City soccer team.
3 H, HOPE - Hackers On Planet Earth conference schedule
4 M, PHone PHriendly Mobile
5 O, Oasis Science Fiction Convention conference schedule
6 S, Space Launch Info Mobile
7 W, Hurricane Who Schedule (a Dr Who convention)
8 Y Yuri's Night Party List
A list of parties all over the world celebrating the flight if the first man to orbit the Earth in April of 1961. It was particularly challenging to make such a list PHone PHriendly for maneuvoring with only a telephone numberpad.

9 Other, links to some other web pages we manage.

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0 Call Ozzie, dial 321-Liftoff on your mobile phone.

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