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For many years, Richard Cheshire has been lecturing about Flash®, or rather, about how Flash "sucks" (a technical term describing "user dissatisfaction"). "After all," Cheshire would say, "when a fast food restaurant puts a URL (Uniform Resource Locator, commonly known as a web address) on my drink cup and asks me to enter a contest, I'm not going to be happy when I pull up the page on my mobile phone's web browser while I'm still in the restaurant, and the page says 'Get Flash, or get lost'. Many phones don't have Flash". Rather than fight a losing battle against Flash, Cheshire partnered with his web host, Ozzie Osband, and formed "Phone Phriendly", to help companies deploy web pages that are easily viewable on mobile phone web browsers.

We deploy web pages, and not apps for a few reasons. For one thing, apps take up valuable memory space on smartphones, and then get in the way when truly necessary apps need updating. For another, Why duplicate effort creating an app for one operating system, and then have to create it for the "other" OS as well. Not only do smartphones have web browsers, but older, "feature phones" (phones less smart, but with text and web capabilities), can use the same web pages, when those pages are properly designed and implemented.

Richard Cheshire
Known in Phone Phreak and Hacker circles as "The Cheshire Catalyst", Cheshire (and he prefers to be called 'Cheshire') writes for 2600 Magazine, and has been a Volunteer at the magazine's biennial conference HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) since they started in 1994.

Delores Keller
Please forgive us if we don't include alot of information on De. She's part of our Office Staff, but is having boyfriend problems. What we don't put on the Internet, can't be used by her Ex to find her. She highly recommends Brevard 211 to women having Domestic Violence issues at home.

Robert Osband
Ozzie is retired, but keeps busy by operating ViaOz.Com, a web hosting site with clients such as SpaceLaunchInfo.Com, MuseumsOfBrevard.Org, and LISATS.Org among others. He agrees with Cheshire that Flash is mostly used as high-bandwidth "eye candy" that wastes the time of web users with little information content - especially for those that may still be on dial-up Internet access where down-load time stretches to minutes instead of seconds. He is especially proud of the implimenttion of Sports Schedules for the Orlando City Soccer Club, and the FIFA World Cup®. Does your sports team need a schedule site that older phone browsers can read?

As a hobby, Ozzie is "Launch Host" at Space View Park in Titusville FL where he provides Launch Audio as a volunteer. He also volunteers at the US Space Force Space & Missile Museum at LC-26 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station where Explorer 1, America's first orbiting satellite was launched in 1958.
Channel 6 report on Ozzie in Space View Park

John W. Upton
John has been a 'friend of the firm' for many decades, and who now finds himself retired, yet, still seeking to put his Engineering License to work for technology companies near to his New Jersey home (or far, if telecomuting is an option).

Area Code 321
Follow the links to learn how we were instramental in establishing Area Code 321 for the Cape Canaveral area - arguably the Countdown Capitol of the World. (countdown/321)

The TEL Tag
When setting up an HTML "tag" to make some information "clickable", we were surprised to find out that mobile phone browsers can place telephone calls using the TEL tag, while desktop browsers could not. Cheshire took it upon himself to deal with this. Skype now puts an Add-On onto web browsers to handle this.

Chesh has an article pubished in the Autumn 2011 issue of 2600 magazine on the topic. A TEL tag looks like:
<a href="tel:+13215438633">321-Liftoff</a>

PHone PHriendly advocates purchasing a short ".Mobi" Domain Name for your particular website (and we can help you come up with one, as we have for others). We consider dotMOBI to be the new dotCOM for Mobile Web Sites.
Of course there are Other TLDs (Top Level Domains) so you're web site is even more off the Beaten track. Ask us about them. We have PH2.Mobi for PHonePHriendly.Com. This gives our people a shorter web and e-mail address to give to their frends and collegues.

Shorter URL's to type into small keyboards helps make your site PHonePHrendly.

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