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PHone PHriendly™ is the home of web pages that are friendly to the web browser on your mobile phone. If your website has information you need while on-the-go, e-mail, text us, or call to have us optimize a mobile site for you.

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Online Schedule of the
FIFA Womens World Cup

2019-06-07 to 07-07

1 Mobile Sports Schedules
O-City.Mobi, 2019 schedule for the teams of the Orlando City Soccer Club in MLS and the NWSL.
Copa.Mobi, schedule and scores of the 2019 FIFA Womens World Cup®
FLcup.Mobi, Schedule for the Florida Cup international friendly tournament. (three matches held in Orlando)

2 Cape Canaveral Launch Information

3 The PHonePHriendly.Com Portfolio of Web Pages

4 About PHone PHriendly - including links to Area Code 321

5 Tips On Using Modern Mobile Phones

6 Press Coverage of PHone PHriendly

  When there are things you need to know immediately, what Internet access device do you have on you? Your mobile phone's web browser, of course! Examples:
7 Orlando City Soccer Club Schedule. America is joining the world in enjoying "The Beautiful Game". As a volunteer to World Cup USA 94, Ozzie likes that.

8 Orlando City Soccer Schedule Does your sports team need it's schedule to be PHone PHriendly? Hit the "#" key on your phone (or tap the "#" character at the top of the screen, or the words NEXT MATCH) before you Bookmark the page. Then your Bookmark will always take you to The Next Game. Clever, eh?

9 Conference Schedules, made PHone PHriendly. We can do this for your conference.

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